Thursday, 30 March 2017

Review - Nobody's Secret by Michaela MacColl

Assalamualaikum and good day!

Genre : Fiction, Historical Fiction, YA
Edition : Paperback, Chronical Books
Pages : 241 pages
Goodreads Ratings : 3.61 ☆
My Ratings : 3.7 ☆

A wonderful murder story. Captured me right away! Emily Elizabeth Dickinson meets a handsome young man, known as Mr. Nobody and enjoys her flirtartion with him until a tragedy happened to the young man. Emily is determines to investigate the murder herself despite her chores her mother, Mrs. Dickinson instructed to do. Along with her younger sister, Vinnie, Emily discover shocking information and unexpected murder suspects.

This story reminds me of Nancy Drew adventures. I love Emily character. I love how she jots down her clues in a small notebook. I love how stubborn she is to continue her private investigation of Mr. Nobody's murder. The suspense is there and progressing well throughout the story. I just love the storyline. Simple yet intriguing. Good mystery build-up.

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